Navigator Gear Hydration Pack


Ergonomically designed so that it fits perfectly on your back when you are out cycling, hiking, trail running or skying/snowboarding. The water resistant fabric means that you don’t need to worry about your phone or valuables when you are out adventuring.


We desined the Navigator Gear Hydration Pack with practicality in mind. We know that when you are out exploring the great outdoors you need everything to be in reach so we added all the features you need in one form fitting hydration pack:

  • – phone compartment
  • – headphone line
  • – 2 liter water reservoir
  • – torso and waist straps
  • – whistle 
  • – helmet straps
  • – extra space for your valuables

The perfect sized water reservoir means you don’t need to stop for stocking up on water too often. Durable zipers and the water resistant, easy to clean fabric make the Hydration Pack perfect for all types of adventures.  Use the double torso and waist strap to keep it snug on your body so that you forget it’s there until you need it. 


The hydration pack comes with lifetime warranty for everyone who signs up to our special extended waranty service.

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Premium Design and High Quality

We designed with durability in mind. To us, PREMIUM QUALITY it’s not just a fancy word, but a commitment we make to you, our fellow outdoor lover. We want you to enjoy the Hydration Pack for as long as possible so we focused on makeing it practical as well as easy to wash and resistant to wear and tear.

Best Features

Ever imagined how the perfect backpack would look and feel? We havehave, and the Navigator Gear Hydration Pack was the result. It’s been tested extensively by our team of outdoor enthusiasts and we can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say about the many practical features we’ve included in the design.

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Our journey


When the body rests, the mind travels

We, as a company, take inspiration from the great outdoors and we strive to design not from a business point of view, but from a traveler’s.  We take every step of the design process through the filter of our inner hikers, cyclists, runners or skiers and we choose materials, accessories and details based on what we would love to gear up with when out exploring.

Our company started small, with a group of adventurers looking to address issues of safety and well being while exercising and conquering the great outdoors.  From the very start, we made a commitment to be dedicated to quality, practicality and safety before anything else when it comes to our designs.

We don’t just make gear, we wear the gear we make, and we test it ourselves because we want to be able to guarantee it’s the absolute best.

This is one of the best backpacks I own, even without talking abouyt the hydrartion pack function. It’s just a perfect fit with the double straps that keep it from becoming uncomfortable when I pedal. The phone pocket and build in headphone line are just such sweet bonuses.  

Mike Hammon

Amazon Customer

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